Technosetbee 20frame Langstroth WITH 20 PLASTIC FRAMES complete beehive

Technosetbee 20frame Langstroth WITH 20 PLASTIC FRAMES complete beehive
Technosetbee 20frame Langstroth WITH 20 PLASTIC FRAMES complete beehive

Technosetbee 20frame Langstroth WITH 20 PLASTIC FRAMES complete beehive

Technosetbee - 20 frame Dingle Deep Langstroth Hive. A fully assembled and ready to use full depth Langstroth hive.

1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board. 2 Clickable Secure Entrance Guards.

2 Full Depth 9 Hive Box (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation). 1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation).

Cleans easily with hot water. It has pins security between the ceiling and recesses in the lid for safe transport. These quality plastic frames are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures of 100 C +. For the beekeeper, this means less time uncapping and extracting.

Both sides of the frames are perfectly aligned to allow ease of wiring by the beekeeper. The frames do not have wax and wire. The beehive is available in various colors. White , blue , yellow , green , purple and combinations of these colours. Why polypropylene is the near-perfect material for the highest standards in modern beekeeping?

Polypropylenes outstanding cost-to-performance ratio is one of the determining factors for its use over all other alternatives of the market. In fact, no other synthetic or wooden beehive can outperform Technosetbees robustness, vast range of modularity and versatility. Zero initial preparation, all hives and their components are perfectly assembled and ready to use.

Most durable structure ever built. Molded without any corner joints. Safely twist and pry the frames without the risk of damaging the integrity of your brood boxes or supers.

Impenetrable structure will last for many-many years against assaults from insects, rodents, small or big animals. Even a mighty bear cant damage the integrity of a Technosetbee hive. Easy cleaning with a hot water pressure washer. Complete sanitation can be done easily with bleach and water. In our hives the queen will often lay eggs even on the outside frames.

This is in complete contrast to wooden hives where the outer frames become too cold or too hot for brood development. All parts are 100% compatible and interchangeable with the existing standard Langstroth 10-frame woodenware and their accessories. Zero maintenance: No paint, nails, glue or any kind of repairs ever again! Most Hygienic - Non absorbent (hydrophobic) to vapor and water makes PP highly resistant to fungus/mildew. Pest-free, because polypropylenes surfaces have no cracks and will never develop any irregularities to harbor pests like wood.

Zero fanning, this means that worker bees are allocating their vital energy for foraging supplies even during the very hot days whereas in woodenware, are mainly preoccupied in cooling down the brood and the foundation. +30% more honey stored annually. This surplus occurs due to the fact that the colony consumes less energy (honey) throughout the year to sustain all their vital functions. +25% more brood development annually. Often, the strong colonies will maintain their brood development even during the cold winter. Made from 100% virgin food-grade Polypropylene and manufactured according to the EU food safety standards. PP is a thermoplastic polymer, unique for its characteristics and widely used in many different and demanding applications such as, food containers, medical grade devices, implants, syringes, short-use contact lenses, non-woven fabrics, automotive industry, textiles, clothing, thermal underwear, home carpets, etc. Inside an active hive, a thermodynamic effect takes place 24 hours a day.

As an entity, the colony and its offspring, will grow, raise, feed, consume and of course breath. This cycle produces gallons of water as vapor throughout the year, but.

Where does all this vapor-water go? Typically, most of the hives today are equipped with solid bottom boards and inner covers that actually seal and confine the colony in a dark, damp and air-stagnated place. Are facing many threats concerning their health and hygiene, especially during the cold season. The colony, can modify the hive's micro-climate at will in order to maintain a stable temperature especially during brood development. That's why, bees in woodenware spend most of the time during hot days fanning and carrying water in order to prevent the disastrous melting of their wax foundation.

Technosetbee brings a natural approach for a passive, self-regulated, air-flow system controlled entirely by the bees! In our hives, bees have the opportunity to enjoy, from maximum air-flow during spring/summer (while curing honey) up to zero air-flow (autumn/winter) minimizing heat loss.

They know when to open or close the top feeder's air vents with propolis in order to achieve the optimum conditions. Meanwhile, the ventilated bottom board continuously provides fresh air, protecting the colony from any vapor condensation inside. Bees can survive even under extreme cold, very difficult under moisture! Our top inner feeders incorporate side and top air vents along both syrup access areas.

We let the bees decide when and how much will open or close (build with propolis) the special vents in order to regulate internally their thermodynamics. Before winter arrives, a typical healthy colony will close all vents on the top feeder so the valuable warm air, will not escape from the top of the hive giving the opportunity to the developed cluster to overwinter in the best possible micro-climate thus consuming significantly less honey (energy) from their stores.

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Technosetbee 20frame Langstroth WITH 20 PLASTIC FRAMES complete beehive

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